Skyview Yogurt & Fresh Cheese Share

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A selection of yogurt, fromage blanc and feta cheese. 16-week share for $80. ORDER HERE, but pay Skyview Farm directly.

From: Skyview Farm and Creamery

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: Bi-Weekly

The 'Pure Silk', is a whole milk yogurt that is gently vat pasteurized, then strained so it is thicker. It is whisked until it is smooth and silky. Besides a yogurt culture, it also contains s probiotic culture that will improve the flora in the gut. (16 oz. tub)

Fromage Blanc is a soft spreading cheese like a cross between cream cheese and ricotta. We make three flavors: Basil and Garlic, Citron (Lemon/Thyme), and Spicy. (8 oz. block)

The cow's milk Feta has a rich texture with a little added lipase enzyme for a piquant flavor. Delicious on salads. (8 oz. block)

Skyview Farm and Creamery is a grade A, micro-dairy nestled in the plains of Kansas. Our small herd of beautiful pastured Jersey cows provides us with our fresh cream topped raw milk that we make into a variety of artisanal cave-aged cheese, fresh cheese, and other delicious Jersey milk products.

16-week yogurt and fresh cheese share for $80. Payments should be made directly to Skyview Farm and Creamery. Mail check payable to Skyview Farm, 22722 E 800 Rd, Pleasanton KS 66075.