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Eight deliveries of wild and unique fruit raised without chemicals for $85. ORDER HERE, pay directly to Prairie Birthday Farm.

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Fruits being offered are the wild and unique varieties which survive in our local climate with the natural rainfall, soil and minerals but without synthetic inputs (pesticides, fertilizer). The heirloom (1700s to 1960s), standard pears and apples are 25 years old. Some fruits are on the Slow Food Arc of Taste. All are tree, bush, or vine ripened.

All are tree, bush or vine ripened. That means the best flavor and nutrition, but not a long shelf life. Plan to eat them as soon as possible after you receive them.

Availability and production always depend on the weather. All are not likely to be blemish free but will be free of poison. I will provide 8 shares, likely May through September.

Size of the share will vary with the fruit. Varieties may include but not be limited to mulberries, chokeberry, wild plum, pear, apple, Concord grape, wild persimmon, wild pawpaw. Every season is different.

Cost of the share (total cost for the season) $85, due by March 31, 2021.

Mail check payable to Linda Hezel, 13318 Plattsburg Rd., Kearney MO 64060 or Venmo @Linda-Hezel or credit card at, at the bottom of the Farm dropdown tab.

Feel free to email or phone 816-560-7878 with any questions.